May 26, 2009

Why aren't celebrities adopting U.S. kids?

Pop star Madonna is back in the news; this time, trying to adopt another black child from an African nation, it would be her second child.
It seems that anytime we hear about celebrities like Madonna adopting, the children are from another country. I'm not at all opposed to children being adopted from Africa, China or any other country, but it does raise the question: What's wrong with adopting American children?
Now I'm not against anyone providing a secure, loving home for a child, but it seems to me that these stories often reinforce a growing public image of adoption for many Americans: that of a rich, famous individual going to a developing country to adopt a child.
According to various adoption and governmental agencies, more than 500,000 American children are under foster care, and many of them are waiting for adoption. From coast to coast, babies to toddlers to teens are desperately looking for a home where they can be loved, nurtured and provided for.
Now, it would be easy to blast these celebrities by saying it's the hip thing to walk around with an international child, but truth be told, we've got a serious adoption problem in this country.
Single mothers have a difficult time adopting a child and let's not even talk about the red tape and bureaucracy!
American parents are made to jump through enormous hoops, and the process takes years, instead of months. And all too often, single people and married couples simply grow disenchanted with the process in America.
If you think it should be easier to adopt American children, demand that your local, state and federal election officials clear the pathway to make the process easier. And let's have more consistency. Having 50 different states set their own policy, is frankly, nonsense. With so many rules, no wonder folks throw their hands up and move on.
The goal of adoption is to put children in loving homes and not have them be the responsibility of the state. Making it harder to adopt affects you in your pocketbook because taxpayer money is spent to care for the children. So changing the laws not only helps the child, but also is fiscally prudent.

In Arizona I know several people who all ready have children of their own and wanted to do a good thing by adding a needed child to their family. The State of Arizona requires an extensive background of the parents, they want you to attend classes on how to raise a child (WTF is that?), and get on a waiting list.
They have even invaded the private sector such as churches and make them use the State's code of adoption policies.
Frankly, who the hell has the time, money, patience, and effort to go through this bullshit created by totally useless Liberal Bureaucrats?
I wouldn't do it.
Just pay the $15,000.00 and get a child from China.
It takes about 3-months.

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May 20, 2009

Fifty Cents on a Dollar, OMG, are we insane or what?

In case you been living in a basement with no radio or TV, it shouldn't come as a surprise that we are now paying almost fifty cents on a dollar in interest for every dollar we borrow.
What's worse, every dollar President Obama spends is borrowed, so when you here all those TRILLIONS of Dollars that we are spending don't forget you have to pay for it some day, and Americans actually only receive half the money Congress approves, but individual taxpayers still have to pay the total sum back.

Now wake up, it's time to STOP the spending, Impeach this asshole Barack Hussein Obama, and elect all new politicians, neither party is any good!

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