Jul 31, 2009

Consumer Fraud by The Media:

When you're laying around with nothing to do but watch TV, some light bulbs come on. I noticed the following:
In searching the same 40 channels over several days, they all advertised at one time. This is because Congress and a corrupt FCC allow media moguls to buy up all the TV stations in America. Then they get together and decide what we are going to watch, and when including advertisements. The problem I have is that when they all show the ads at the same time channel surfing becomes a mute point. I realize this is the point of their control and making money, but if just half the TV stations were not syndicated or owned by Media Mogul Giants programming would be more competitive and better.
Adding to the fact that if you are old enough you can remember when cable was first introduced, they promised Congress that the American public would get 400 free channels of viewing. I don't know of any cable or satellite company that offers 400 channels that are free, and I am not counting stupid programming channels playing music. I mean real TV Station Channels.
As a point of reference, there are currently over 400 TV channels licensed in the USA by the FCC. So, why don't the cable companies offer them.
Another interesting point of course is COST.
If cable companies were forced to offer all local programming channels free and any other channels for just one dollar ($1.00) per channel they would have a larger selection or at least bundle them in better viewing arrangements at a lower cost.

Sorry I have been remiss on posting, was having real health issues, again.

Your comments, as always, are welcomed and appreciated.