Feb 10, 2009

America's Outdated Banking System:

First banks want to charge you for having your money in their bank that they use.
Next they give you grief about getting cash out or cashing a check even if it's drawn on their bank.
They all but shove a credit card down your throat and encourage you to take your time in paying it off with their high interest rates.
These same banks make little effort to protect your identity. The latest craze is copying ATM and Credit Card magnetic strips and then using your data to clean out you bank account. Every security expert in the world agrees that magnetic strips are outdated and a serious security risk. Most banks outside the United States have gone to chip implants in their cards (no magnetic strips). The banks in the USA agree with this observation but claim it is too costly to replace the ATM machines that use these same magnetic strips.
And, finally, these same banks want to be bailed out by the consumers they are screwing with our tax dollars.

If you don't think this is a problem you been living in a cave.
An identity is stolen every 3 seconds in the United States.
Now add to the misery, these same banks are in cahoots with credit reporting agencies who want to charge you a fee to get your credit report, and they take their sweat time about fixing issues involving wrongful postings including identity theft.

All these banks and credit card companies half to do is make credit, debit, and ATM cards with a chip; add your picture I.D. and a thumb print on the card. Next you would have to enter the card at the ATM Machine; then enter a pin number, and place your thumb on a specific spot of the glass to verify who you are.

As always, your thoughts are welcomed.

Feb 6, 2009

The U.S. Educational System Sucks:

My children are all grown but I have grandchildren.
It frustrates me to know end to see young children burdened with one to two hours of homework.
If these idiot teachers cannot teach the child what they need to know in the 45 to 60 minutes they have them everyday, then get new teachers!
The system is broken, archaic and outdated.
This is why children hate school and rebel against learning.
Children, like adults need a brake to unwind.
If a child cannot get playtime they become agitated and out of control. Then next thing the school system wants to do is send them for counseling and drug them.

Teachers are always complaining they don't get paid enough, and I agree. Maybe if we paid them more we could get good teachers because the vast majority are useless!

What makes the system even worse is the damn teachers unions. When you get a bad teacher you can't get rid of them unless they sleep with a student.

If you don't agree with this I'd like to know why. But ask yourself first why is home schooling on the rose?

Your comments pro or con are welcomed and appreciated.

Feb 3, 2009

American Car Companies Really Suck:

Ok I know we've all heard enough about the bailout of the Big-3 auto makers but I wanna just say, they are worthless lying assholes run by the most incompetent business people I have ever seen.

Here's my story about looking for a New Car:
I am getting old, so I was shopping for a luxury car, probably the last car I will ever own. I did the right thing I started with American made, the Cadillac and the Lincoln Towncar, and I don't mean those piece of junk SUVs, I mean a real luxury 4-door sedan.

Ford has screwed up the design on the Lincoln Towncar so bad only a complete moron would buy a new 2009.

I called the Cadillac and Lincoln dealers and told them I wanted the following in my vehicle:
Remote Start with Keyless Ignition.
Sun/Moon Roof that opens but has a interior slide to eliminate all light.
Voice Activated GPS System (this is the one that talks to you).
Lojack Recovery System.

What I found out is basically forget it.
GM wants you too subscribe to their On-Star System and Ford they are so far out of it they just don't get it.
Add to the fact both American car companies want to charge you for things like white wall tires, moulding and trim package, wheel covers, trunk and floor mats, and whole host of other things that foreign car companies give you as standard on their cars.
Many of the things I wanted are not even available on GM or Ford. For example sun roofs are no longer available on the Lincoln Towncar.
To make things worse, both the Lincoln and Cadillac dealers tried to sell me a used 2008. They wanted to install the items I wanted themselves. Who would let some idiot dealer cut a hole in your car roof and install a non-factory sun roof?
If I wanted a 2008 or a used car, I would have ask for one.
What part of NEW do these putz don't understand?
When I rebelled about a 2008 they tried to push an SUV on me.
Also if you look at the option list they are obsessed with all kinds of stereo crap. Old people don't this bullshit they want comfort. These car companies are seriously out of touch with reality. No wonder they are going bankrupt.
I haven't purchased a vehicle yet but as much as I hate to do it, I will probably will go German Engineering.

Has anyone else experienced this total lack of being in-touch with the consumer's needs and wants?

As always your comments are welcomed and appreciated.