Feb 10, 2009

America's Outdated Banking System:

First banks want to charge you for having your money in their bank that they use.
Next they give you grief about getting cash out or cashing a check even if it's drawn on their bank.
They all but shove a credit card down your throat and encourage you to take your time in paying it off with their high interest rates.
These same banks make little effort to protect your identity. The latest craze is copying ATM and Credit Card magnetic strips and then using your data to clean out you bank account. Every security expert in the world agrees that magnetic strips are outdated and a serious security risk. Most banks outside the United States have gone to chip implants in their cards (no magnetic strips). The banks in the USA agree with this observation but claim it is too costly to replace the ATM machines that use these same magnetic strips.
And, finally, these same banks want to be bailed out by the consumers they are screwing with our tax dollars.

If you don't think this is a problem you been living in a cave.
An identity is stolen every 3 seconds in the United States.
Now add to the misery, these same banks are in cahoots with credit reporting agencies who want to charge you a fee to get your credit report, and they take their sweat time about fixing issues involving wrongful postings including identity theft.

All these banks and credit card companies half to do is make credit, debit, and ATM cards with a chip; add your picture I.D. and a thumb print on the card. Next you would have to enter the card at the ATM Machine; then enter a pin number, and place your thumb on a specific spot of the glass to verify who you are.

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Anonymous said...

Obama is the most dangerous thing brought to the United States in a lifetime. By the time he's done or gets thrown out, he'll make Carter look competent and Bush look like Thomas Jefferson.

Should we all have to suffer because of a dumbed down electorate and a lying pandering press that made this happen? Anyone with the least bit of common sense and love for this country should certainly want this hopeless, socialist dreamer to fail, and fail big. The biggest flaw in a democracy is that EVERYONE gets to vote, even the uneducated, the misguided, the lazy, the foolish, the dreamers and worst of all, the elitist socialists who helped elect this fraud.
And how about these Idiots in Obamas corner who can`t even vet people properly. How can any moron expect us to sign up for the biggest tax debt in the history of America and not vet the people in their cabinet. This BS with Daschle is where it has to stop. This guy was the head of the senate. He knew about the tax laws he created. And if he is too stupid to grasp the tax laws than he is too stupid to be the Health Care Czar. The true class envy here is these politicians don`t have to pay their taxes and we responsible people do. DASCHLE IS A TAX CHEAT. AND Obama said AFTER finding this out that he wanted to “Stand behind him”! Daschle should go to jail! Not be brought into the administration. And if it weren’t for the public’s outcry he would have been confirmed. I can't even stand to look at him, much less listen to his self-aggrandizing misplaced sentimental crap and his constant
din about how terrible America is/was/will be and his crap about the destruction of our nation and his "negative rights" ideology of our Constitution
DOWN WITH SOCIALISM and that means DOWN WITH OBAMA/PELOSI/REID/DODD/RANGEL/FRANK/ etc....Failure IS an option, and Barack O'Messiah MUST fail to save this country.
Most of President Obama's campaign promises and his actions since assuming the Presidency, it is apparent that as a Citizen of the World, he has made himself responsible for defanging America, for emasculating our nation and removing us as a threat to all of the murderous genocidal dictators in the world. I to hope he will fail in all of his endeavors, from bankrupting us with his abusive "stimulus" package to his appeasement of enemy regimes.
I'm with Rush.
Remember, Dissent is the highest form of Patriotism.

so say us all said...

It explains why we're in the mess we are in.
U.S. Banks have one goal, getting their corporate execs rich.

R2K said...

: )

Anonymous said...

It took guts for Santelli to speak the truth knowing that he was sure to catch heat from his liberal network. My hat's off to you Santelli...Way to go! I'll join your tea party any day. Obama-bin-lyin' and someone finally had the courage to say what none of his coolaide drinking collegues would dare to.

BB-Idaho said...

Banks: size is the problem, IMO.
Our local bank was fine until Wells Fargo came in. Their policies resulted in so many lost customers they left. Thank God!
(and now WF is getting my taxes to help 'em out!!)