Dec 30, 2008

They Ask You for Your Zip Code

If you own any type of credit or debit card, we have all experienced that 'machine message' that ask you to input your Zip Code (Postal Code).
My son-in-law works in IT Security and informed me this has absolutely nothing to do with protecting your credit card, or preventing Identity Theft.
It's sole purpose is for marketing.
This data tells the merchant who lives where (by Postal Code) and how much they spend.
This is one tool that big chains such as gasoline stations, grocery stores, and Wal-Mart decide where to build new store locations.

People, we are being catalog like they brand cattle.
Everything we do now in life involves who we are, where we are going, where we have been, what we do, and what we spend. Unless you live in the middle of a corn field somewhere you cannot go outside without having your picture taken by some damn camera. And, even if you live on a farm, you are being watched.
So you don't believe Big Brother has arrived.
OK, go to Google, click on Maps, search your home address, click on satellite and view your home.
Just think what the government is doing with its hundreds of satellites in orbit.

Your comments as always are appreciated and welcomed.

Dec 29, 2008

MSNBC Cable News Network

I simply cannot understand why these assholes just do not change their name to ....
The Liberal Democrat Biased News Network.

Any comments or thoughts on this idea?

Dec 23, 2008

Video: Xmas Musical in Lights

Regardless of your religious or ethnic background, this movie is very entertaining. Please watch the video all the way through. The light show is fantastic.
Happy Holidays to all, regardless of your faith or convictions.

Dec 19, 2008

Did You Ever Notice .....

That Liberals are like mosquitoes?
They suck the life blood out of all that is decent and good leaving disease and a nasty bump on your hide.
And the more you try and get rid of them the faster they breed.

Comment on this you pack of liberal do-gooder Obama loving, lets tare down the fabric of what makes America great you dem-o-dums.

YouTube: Los Angeles Earthquake

Mother Nature just keeps toying with us.
If the big one comes to Southern California, three things will happen...
1. Arizona and Nevada will have beach front property.
2. We will get rid of a lot Illegals and deter others from coming, that is a good thing.
3. But most importantly we will get rid of of these California blood sucking whining ass liberals that are destroying America!

Comment on this if you dare....

Dec 17, 2008

The Controversy Over Torturing Terrorist

For you ignorant Liberals who constantly live in la la land, let me inform you of a few simple facts:
1. Do you think our U.S. soldiers when captured are not tortured? In fact radical Islamic terrorist torture all their prisoners then cut their heads off while they are alive, video tape it, and post it on the Internet! It's not just terrorist. The Japanese, Germans, Vietnamese and North Korea all tortured American soldiers.
2. If saving the life of one American gets the information we need, then any method should be used on non American citizens. I have always found that Liberals soon become advocates of harsh justice when it's one of their own who is killed.
3. It is easy to sit in front of you computer, TV, or stand around the cooler at the office condemning America when your not the one who is out protecting our freedoms that allow you to spout that ignorance out of your mouth.

I am sure this will raise some eyebrows and get a dialog started.
Agree - Don't agree, it's all Ok, post your comment, if you dare!

Dec 13, 2008

Going Crazy Over Animals

Look you advent morons who think animals are better than humans, this message is for you:
Like the news media and P.E.T.A. when it comes to animals you are all in need of serious psychiatric help.
I have a pet myself, a dog. But at no time do I put my pet over my children or grandchildren or my wife.
I live in Arizona and we have critter problems, everyone does to some extent. In my area it is coyotes. Coyotes are very dangerous. They kill other animals including pets like dogs and cats.
They also attack people, especially small children and will eat them.
They idiots in Maricopa County Animal Control think these stupid ass dangerous animals should be protected from humans. Apparently someone was poisoning the useless ass critters because they invade the golf courses.
Who gives a shit about these damn animals?
What about the dangers they propose to us humans?
You animal control government nut jobs, you are paid by the taxpayers to protect now do your jobs and get rid of these dangerous animals before some child gets killed.

I am sure this blog post will create controversy.
It pisses me off that every news cast has something about some stupid ass animal story. What about the starving chilldren right here in Amrica?
What about the economic crisis facing this country?
What about the job loses?
What about foreclosures and people going homeless?
What about our Veterans?
What about healthcare?
---> These are real issues, not some stupid ass animals and what happens to them!

As always ALL comments pro or con are permitted and appreciated, because I am a strong advocate of FREE Speech.

Dec 11, 2008

Jury Duty is Now out of Control

Anyone who has been called to jury duty will tell you that they assemble you in batches, like cattle, huddle you in a room with no food, and generally no drink. Nothing to do but sit there often times all day just to be sent home. Then a lot places don't pay you enough to make it worth while going (covering transportation, parking, food, etc.). This whole legal system sucks. But the jury system sucks at a personal level for most who are called.
To start with they have hundreds of people show up for a few trials.
What the hell is this all about?
The U.S. Constitution says you are entitled to a trial by Jury.
It doesn't state that you are entitled to a specific jury.
In the days before Liberals and a run away justice system, the judge would often times select 12 local members for jury duty.
I refuse to go sit there ever again and go through this bull crap.
Life is too short for a bunch of stupid ass lawyers, after all they get paid to do it!

As always your comments are appreciated, pro or con.

Dec 6, 2008

Bailing Out the Big Three Automakers

If we continue to bail out every asshole corporation for bad management and bad product decisions, who is gonna bail out America when we are bankrupt?

Congress created the Bankruptcy Federal Statutes as a method of corporation and individuals to either reorganize or fold. If we are going to bail these bad management idiots out then part of the agreement should be...
1) ALL corporate management resign including the entire board of directors and they leave with no golden parachute awards for stupidity.
2) The UAW (United Autoworkers Union) leaders also have to resign. They have been part of the problem all along.
3) This is not a bailout but a loan at 12% interest, the same rate a taxpayer is charged if he has overdue taxes. The auto industry issues shares of stock to cover the loan value.
4) A competent manager of industry is appointed to run the company and get it back on its feet.

As always any comments on this topic or any other I have posted is welcomed.

Dec 4, 2008

Too Many Laws, Rules, and Regulations:

Lets face it, we need to wipe out 90% of the laws Congress has passed, and 100% of all Presidential Executive Orders.
Lets go back and do it right, like our founding fathers had in mind.
The framers of the U.S. Constitution left very little out. The problems with Congress and politicians as a whole, they don't read the Constitution, they talk about it a lot, but they don't read it. In fact, a recent independent Civics and U.S. History test given to Congress, 50% failed a simply test that I wouldn't have been able to graduate high school in my day if I didn't know it, yet these same politicians think they know how to govern us and what's in our best interest.
We should concentrate on developing laws directly related to the Framers Intent but incorporating modern events to compensate for what they couldn't have possibility conceived over 200-years-ago!

As always, your thoughts and comments, pro or con, are welcomed and appreciated.
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Dec 1, 2008

Homeland Security

So why in the hell isn't our borders secure?
Just what good are you people?

Every time a disaster or major event occurs in America, Congress knee jerk reaction is to set up another big government bureaucracy which in reality means another level of bullshit to conceal their stupidity and inability to react to a real crisis in an intelligent manner.

Nov 30, 2008

Liberal Hollywood are Hypocrites

Here is why ......
They want change, they want socialism, they want , they want, they want. They criticize Republicans, specifically conservatives.
But they are just hypocrites and here's why:

1. They think Illegals belong here, because they have illegals working for them.

2. They want America to go 'Green' but they drive gas guzzling vehicles like the H1 Hummer, Bentley, Ferrari, and Porches just to name some.

3. They want endless socialism, feed the poor, have more welfare, but they adopt babies from overseas. What about those neglected babies here in America, why don't they adopt one of them?

4. They join animal rights groups to feed and protect animals. Again, what about the starving and neglected children here in America?

5. If these issues in America are so damn important to this Hollywood crowd why do they have huge villas and mansions overseas where they spend most of their time when not filming or on tour?

Nov 29, 2008

Voting Faux Pas, Blunders, and Lies - Part 3

The whole concept of voting in America is a joke.
Just listen to the news media prior to election time and all you here are the words 'Battleground States.'
Simply that means if you don't live in one of the BIG electoral states stay home because you vote will be worthless.
Presidents are NOT elected by popular vote, if they were, then EVERY Vote would count.
When the constitutional framers, founders of this nation, created the Constitution this was one area they really screwed up.

We need to get rid of the Electoral College and elect a the President by popular vote.

Contemplate this for awhile, comment if you can grasp the problem!

Nov 28, 2008

Voting Faux Pas, Blunders, and Lies - Part 2

More of my thoughts and rants on the U.S. Voting System.
When Iraq had it's first real voting election after the U.S. toppled Saddam, we instituted a system of the 'purple thumb.' In addition voting polls were open for 3-days giving every Iraqi time to vote.
Now if we think this is a good idea for the Iraqi's why in the hell don't we use it here?

Oh, before you ask, the 'Purple Thumb' is used after you vote. They make you place your thumb on an ink pad with purple ink, this prevents you from voting more than once. The ink doesn't wash off, and naturally wears off in about 7-days.

Dwell on this for awhile, comment if you can!

Nov 26, 2008

Voting Faux Pas, Blunders, and Lies - Part 1

I am no kid and have been around for awhile. Even though I am not that computer literate I can understand using a 'Secured Network' for online payments so my credit card and personal data are safe.
So why is it that these morons in the Federal Government and the political structure in this country can't understand 'Electronic Voting' is safe and secure?

Is it that they don't want us to use it?
This would certainly prevent people from voting twice, like those who have a home in Michigan and one in Arizona for example or those in New York and Florida. Gee I can understand why politicians would shun that fact.

So if we believe the government that electronic voting is not safe, it's flawed, it's not accurate, it is subject to vulnerability, then what about my online banking and purchases I make over the Internet with my credit cards?
Think about that for awhile.
Comment if you dare.

Nov 25, 2008

The Problem with Liberals

They are under two assumptions:
1) You can legislate away problems including how people think and the choices they make.
2) That big government is best and that the government will protect us.

Both of these assumptions are wrong.
They are so closed minded that you can't talk to them.
But hey once they lose someone to a terrorist attack or become a victim of a crime they seem to develop a whole new attitude.

As always your comments on this post about my thoughts and rants are certainly welcomed.

Nov 24, 2008

Guns in America

When politicians have nothing intelligent to say or do they turn to the Gun Issue. You can take either side and have some valid points.
But keep this in mind...
One reason this country has never been invaded is because there are about 60 million gun owners in the USA. That makes us the largest army in the world and a fearsome contender for anyone including our own government.

As always your comments on this post about my thoughts and rants are welcomed.

Nov 23, 2008

More about craigslist (CL)

If you haven't check out these boards don't waste your time.
If they required those idiots to take an IQ test before they posted they would surely fail.
In perusing the Phoenix Rants and Rave Board yesterday I found a bunch of Mexicans posting hate messages about white people and America, and some were in Spanish. This shows the the mentality of Craig Newmark, the owner of craigslist, a stinking Liberal.

Your comments on this post about my thoughts and rants are welcomed.

Nov 22, 2008

The Veterans Administration a.k.a. The VA

Any Veteran who has ever dealt with the VA will tell you they think they just stepped off the plane in Russia.
The ignorant bureaucrats the government hires to run, operate, and administer benefits to our veterans must have all come out of drug rehab.
The way we treat our VETS is disgraceful.
These people should all be fired, and preferably put in prison.

Don't agree, well keep this in mind, the people who work in the Admin and decision making areas get bonuses for money they save the government. So they have NO incentive to help our Vets and every incentive to save money at the expense of our Veterans.
The news media wont cover this, but let some idiot run a dog fighting or cock fighting ring and the news coverage goes on for months and the they want to hang the people up by their gonads for cruelty to animals.

Your comments on this post about my thoughts and rants are welcomed.

Nov 21, 2008

Have You Visited a Doctor Lately?

Doctors and Hospitals, they no longer serve the public and are NOT interested in health care, but are instead interested in PROFITS.
If you don't have health insurance or you are under insured forget it, just go home, drink some booze, and lay down and die!

I just found a Blog about an average hard working guy who spent over 30 years as a janitor in a major Chicago hospital. He is writing his stories, they are pretty good, funny, and interesting.
Try it, I will be following this guy everyday:
Diaries of a Janitor

Your comments on this post about my thoughts and rants are welcomed.

Nov 20, 2008

Defend Your Gun Rights

If these damn Liberals like Obama and Pelosi get their way, America will become a communist (they call it socialism) nation and we will be subverted. The first step in convincing people to gibe up or take away your gun rights is led by left wing nut jobs who will tell you, "Don't worry, the government will protect you."
If you believe that the government will protect your home from some invader you have to be the dumbest creature walking the earth and get everything coming you that happens, all well deserved.

Never owned a gun, thinking about buying a gun or weapon, visit this Blog page for help:
The Daily Gun Pictures....

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Nov 19, 2008

I Hate Homeowner Associations (HOA's)

These nazi based wannabee super imposed control freaks made of frustrated soccer moms, scum bag realtors, disgruntled old farts, useless ass lawyers, peta supporters, anti-gun nuts, liberals, and low life mortgage nuts are destroying America with their endless nit picking bullshit rules.
That is why I support the following consumer advocate Blog forum:
Homeowner Association Rant

Your comments on my thoughts and rants are welcomed.

I also Hate Realtors, Mortgage Brokers, and Lenders

This is why I support the following consumer Blog....

Had a problem with a useless twit realtor, mortgage lender, broker, contractor .... tell others so they can avoid the scum.

Your comments on my thoughts and rants are welcomed.

I really hate CL (craigslist)

I used CL Rants-and-Raves board for two years, one year in New York, and one year here in Phoenix Arizona. It is full of spaced out drug users and whiners. People who have no job, sit around all day on welfare or leeching off others.
They spend most of their time hitting the 'Refresh' button to see who has posted some dribble they can condemn or knock. If none is there they create bogus crap and reply to themselves. Anyone who disagrees with these so-called regulars, gets 'Flagged' as in their post is deleted.
In addition, CL has become a haven for spammers and con artist of every type posting oo all boards and topics.
Some of these assholes post to 10 boards or more around the world.

I have elected to use an alternative...
Try this Rants and Rave forum, a blog with NO Flagging:

Your comments on my thoughts and rants are welcomed.