Nov 30, 2008

Liberal Hollywood are Hypocrites

Here is why ......
They want change, they want socialism, they want , they want, they want. They criticize Republicans, specifically conservatives.
But they are just hypocrites and here's why:

1. They think Illegals belong here, because they have illegals working for them.

2. They want America to go 'Green' but they drive gas guzzling vehicles like the H1 Hummer, Bentley, Ferrari, and Porches just to name some.

3. They want endless socialism, feed the poor, have more welfare, but they adopt babies from overseas. What about those neglected babies here in America, why don't they adopt one of them?

4. They join animal rights groups to feed and protect animals. Again, what about the starving and neglected children here in America?

5. If these issues in America are so damn important to this Hollywood crowd why do they have huge villas and mansions overseas where they spend most of their time when not filming or on tour?


Anonymous said...

"Liberal Hollywood are Hypocrites"

You can say that again!

Here's Hoping I am said...

Hopefully the BIG one, the California earthquake of all earthquakes will catch these Hollywood anti-American assholes all gathered in one place and get the hell rid of them!

It's Now the Liberal's Way or the Highway said...

Ot is apparent that old farts like you just don't get it.
The Republican WAR Machine is dead.
A new era is coming.
A new approach to American politics.
Go play some golf you old loser.

Jason E. Johnson said...

Liberal Way, you may want to revise the Republican WAR machine statement. In the last 60 years, More Democrat presidents have taken us in to wars and conflicts than did Republicans.

You need to go and refile for your welfare with Hussein Obama.

I am a republican because someone has to pay the taxes....

Jason E. Johnson said...

I agree for the most part with Hollywood being hyprocrites. At least one I know is Ed Bagley Jr. he walks the talk. I don't know of any others.

this is another trailer trash ho hum site said...

If it weren't for Hollywood making movies you ignorant ass conservatives wouldn't have anything to do, because you certainly can't read and aren't educated enough to pick up a book.

this is a right wing blog of whining assholes said...

Liberals are how you rednecks get taught about the real world.