Dec 1, 2008

Homeland Security

So why in the hell isn't our borders secure?
Just what good are you people?

Every time a disaster or major event occurs in America, Congress knee jerk reaction is to set up another big government bureaucracy which in reality means another level of bullshit to conceal their stupidity and inability to react to a real crisis in an intelligent manner.


I voted 4 Obama said...

Ir is obvious this blog was created by a stupid ass NeoCon.
Obama will bring change , needed change to America and American politics.

Now be a good little Republican loser and go have a martini, get drunk, buy some stocks on your insider trading schemes, help all those corporate fat cats get bigger bonuses, and export some more fucking jobs overseas.

Clay said...

With each new law and new bereau, the less liberty and freedom for us all. There is no reason for a wall on the US/Mexico border when you have tanks and helicopter gun ships that will be far more effective.

Don't you love how the Obamaphyte goes to calling you names without citing what Obama is going to do? They have a name for that. It's called ignorance.

Anonymous said...

Oh this is so damn true.

Jason E. Johnson said...

Nice comment voted 4 Obama. Your grasp of grammar and word usage is truly inspiring. Where do I sign up for the idiot brigade.