Dec 17, 2008

The Controversy Over Torturing Terrorist

For you ignorant Liberals who constantly live in la la land, let me inform you of a few simple facts:
1. Do you think our U.S. soldiers when captured are not tortured? In fact radical Islamic terrorist torture all their prisoners then cut their heads off while they are alive, video tape it, and post it on the Internet! It's not just terrorist. The Japanese, Germans, Vietnamese and North Korea all tortured American soldiers.
2. If saving the life of one American gets the information we need, then any method should be used on non American citizens. I have always found that Liberals soon become advocates of harsh justice when it's one of their own who is killed.
3. It is easy to sit in front of you computer, TV, or stand around the cooler at the office condemning America when your not the one who is out protecting our freedoms that allow you to spout that ignorance out of your mouth.

I am sure this will raise some eyebrows and get a dialog started.
Agree - Don't agree, it's all Ok, post your comment, if you dare!


Anonymous said...

Amen My Friend!

Harmony said...

Its all about media and propaganda.