Dec 30, 2008

They Ask You for Your Zip Code

If you own any type of credit or debit card, we have all experienced that 'machine message' that ask you to input your Zip Code (Postal Code).
My son-in-law works in IT Security and informed me this has absolutely nothing to do with protecting your credit card, or preventing Identity Theft.
It's sole purpose is for marketing.
This data tells the merchant who lives where (by Postal Code) and how much they spend.
This is one tool that big chains such as gasoline stations, grocery stores, and Wal-Mart decide where to build new store locations.

People, we are being catalog like they brand cattle.
Everything we do now in life involves who we are, where we are going, where we have been, what we do, and what we spend. Unless you live in the middle of a corn field somewhere you cannot go outside without having your picture taken by some damn camera. And, even if you live on a farm, you are being watched.
So you don't believe Big Brother has arrived.
OK, go to Google, click on Maps, search your home address, click on satellite and view your home.
Just think what the government is doing with its hundreds of satellites in orbit.

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Anonymous said...

Humm, veey interesying

Linz said...

But, why do they not allow the transaction to go through if you enter it wrong? If they already know it, why do you need to type it in? I'm confused.

2 Conservative Women said...

Wait, I'm really confused here - because where I live, we never get asked for our zip code while using a credit card. Instead, they ask for our telephone numbers. I used to lie and give a fake one, but now I simply say "No, it's unlisted", and they proceed with the transaction.


Ed Hurley said...

Some people seem to be confused about this post.

If they ask you for your zip code they have tied into the credit card e-verify system which will not process the transaction without it. This is still for marketing purposes not for identity theft. Credit Card companies sell this marketing data. I hope this clarifies the issue.

As for other request, like your phone number, yes it use to be common to ask customers for this, I never gave them one, and they proceeded without it. Apparently some places are still doing this. It irritates customers, so most places have stopped. Just don't tell them or make up one if they insist. This use to be used to sell your phone number to telemarketers. But you should get all your phone numbers on the National Do Not Call Registry List.