Jan 2, 2009

Light Rail, Public Transportation Systems

Phoenix Arizona just got it's first public Light Rail Train System.
It will prove to be useless.

Why do these idiots always build these damn things downtown?
In every city, transportation planners and politicians approve a system that doesn't do one thing to solve the traffic congestion problem.

Look you idiots, the city all ready has a public bus line that gets you around the downtown, if you need to use it.
The traffic, people, TRAFFIC is in the outlining areas, it's called suburbia.
In other words you have spent taxpayer money on something that is totally useless and is a duplicate of the all ready existing public bus transportation system.

You should have built the Light Rail System so it either parallels or is overhead of the five all ready heavily congested highway systems in the Phoenix Valley. This way commuters would look at the Light Rail and realize it is passing them by while they are sitting in traffic. However, planning would also require you morons to realize it must go where people work.

Whoever devised this LRT and calls himself a transportation planner is a con artist and scammer. Does this shithead get a salary? I bet he gets a big one!
Fire his stupid ass, look at something like the Toronto Canada or Singapore Transpiration Systems, or at best follow the Chicago and New York City Commuter Systems.
The magic word being 'Commuter.'

Your comments are welcomed, I'd really like to hear from you one this subject. I cannot be the only one who realizes how stupid these transportation planners are.


JARNCO5 said...

Voice Of Conservative America

Harmony said...

Erh, Singapore is quite a compact country, so the transport idea works just well, you can reach the other part of Singapore in 1hr.

But well for Arizona... I doubt a LRT can really do much purpose, never been there yeah, but i reckon it's a thousand times bigger.

TheBitterAmerican said...

Phoenix wants to be taken seriously as a REAL city, so its following the latest fad by putting "light rail" (we East Coasters call them trolleys,...really old East Coasters remember PCC cars....but I digress).

These lunatic projects will fade away, just like the pedestrian malls they made in the 70s by blocking off major downtown streets.

Linz said...

I aggree. Atlanta has MARTA, but it hardly goes outside the perimeter. It needs to parallel all the interstates into the city--I-20, I-85, and I-75--for a good 20 miles. The interstates are maxed out, and there is no room to expand them anymore. They have an existing system, it just needs additions. But, no, it will never happen.

EagleEye said...

So I just realized.. you are in Phoenix...:) Where at? I used to live in Maryvale... 67th ave between Indian School and Thomas. used to work at the Jack in the Box on the corner...

..oh.. and I agree.. If you have a rail, make it go to the outlying areas, where everyone lives.