Jan 24, 2009

Stop the TV Idiots

One of the longest running TV Commercials is from a non-profit organization asking for money, so what's new?
This stupid TV commercial wants you to donate, as they put it, ONLY $18.00 per month to save an animal.
Get a reality check you morons.
People are having problems feeding their children, holding onto their homes and automobiles, and just plain surviving and you want someone to take their all ready tight budget and give you $18.00 per month?

New Flash: It's people first, animals last!
Live with it, get over it, but most importantly get lost.

I am sure this post will stir up these left wing radical animal lovers to no end.
It's time P.E.T.A., Green Peace, and the rest of animal nuts get a reality check.
The number people going hungry in the USA and the World is growing everyday.
The world economy is on the verge of a great depression.
ALL animals will become food, full stop, period !!!
You don't think so, then let here from you on your opinions about this sensitive subject. Thank you....
All comments are welcomed.


AirmanMom said...

Hey, if Circuit City can't make it in this economy, don't you think these types of organizations will go under as well? Don't get me wrong, there are plenty of good causes out there, which are worthy of our support! I believe the ones who are spending way too much money advertising, will eventually feel a pinch and perhaps they will then evaporate. Who knows?


RightKlik said...

hablas espanol?

just kidding.

Some people are so out of touch with reality that they have warped value systems. I agree with the fashion designer who defended the fur industry saying it is justified because the "beasts" fur comes from would "kill us if they could."

Cat Haters Of the World said...

thank you! I can't believe people are giving money to animal charities while there are people going hungry. Like you said "people first"... seriously.