Jan 31, 2009

So There I Was:

Went to the airport to pick my wife up and what's the first thing I see at the entrance security check point for U.S. Airways at Sky Harbor Phoenix Arizona Airport, two Muslim women in typical black Muslim Burka garb...what's so unusual you ask?
First – They work for TSA, that's right, the Federal Airport idiots who are suppose to protect us. Hell just give these Muslim assholes a free pass to kill more Americans.
Hey Obama, please kiss my retired military ass!
Second – You are in America, dress like an American if you don't want to be starred at !!

As usual, feel free to comment on this or any of my other posts.
Controversy is the good. Terrorist are bad.


commoncents said...

Great post!!

Very very insightful. Keep up the excellent work....

The Daily Gun Picture said...

excellent post

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The Daily Gun Pictures (and weapons)

Wicked Pissa Tees said...

Wow, nothing like making it more convenient for terrorists to sneak through.

EagleEye said...

Can't be any worse that NYC allowing them to keep their veils up for driver's photos.

The problem is that SO many people are afraid to say anything. There is this ungodly need to be LIKED by everyone so folks don't speak up.


I might just be stoopid though. Yeah, I think that is it.