Jan 9, 2009

Life is Funny Sometimes

As you grow older you will realize that life offers many paths.
My father taught me, as I have taught my children, LIFE is like walking through the woods and coming upon a split in the trail. You make a choice, it's not whether you made a good choice or a bad choice, you just made a choice, so live with it and move on.

The moral here is that we choose our own destiny.
We make choices in LIFE, some good, some not so good.
But they are our choices.
As I watch my grandchildren grow up in this hectic chaotic world with more and more government intruding upon our lives, I ponder if my grandchildren will have any choices or will they be forced upon them from a government who thinks they know what's best for us.

Wake up people, our freedoms are slowly being eroded.
We may not be learning from history but our elected political leaders are. They have learned that forcing someone to do something abruptly causes rebellion, Reference World War II, Nazi Germany. The world rebelled and Hitler was defeated. Governments have learned that slowly eroding freedoms are acceptable if an explanation is given.

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The Patton Doctrine said...

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The Patton Doctrine

I am old enough myself to relate to this post.
I also have taught this concept to my children.

This is a blog that touches on broad issues that are deep rooted in America's problems. You know the ones everyone talks about and ends up doing nothing or making them worse.

Anonymous said...

I am just turning forty and this post is scary,
because I can relate to it.

Stuart Maughan said...

My sentiments exactly. Keep-em com-in.

2 Conservative Women said...

These are dangerous times because the Obamessiah and the idiots in Washington all want Americans to be extremely fearful due to the horrendous economy. That fear leaves us vulnerable, and that's when they move in and slowly begin their power grab, as they have already begun. It's a shame that people aren't seeing what is really going on here.


Joe Joe McNight said...

This couldn't have been said better.

All those idiot young snot nosed educated fartcycles who voted for Obama are about to get a real lesson in life.