Jan 16, 2009

Telephone Company Lunacy

Every Telephone Company in America wants ridiculous phone rates and cannot understand why they continue to lose business. It doesn't matter whether you get the phone service from your local phone company, cable provider, or a third party, the rates are outrageous.

Lets look at the Facts:
1. Twenty Percent (20%) of all phone lines in the United States are NOT being used. This is caused by an increase in cellphone use.
2. Cell Phone Providers with cellphones can now do everything a telephone company can do with a land line including international calling.
3. Telephone companies are archaic. They still require you to dial '1' on all long distance calls. To my knowledge no cellphone requires this. The number one (1) is the United States Country Code. Every country gets a country code. So the only time the '1' is needed is if you are outside the United States calling into the USA. So why do the phone companies still require it?
4. Telephone Companies say they offer all kinds of things as part of their service plan. But in fact a cellphone can do the same thing and more for less money per month!
5. If you use a telephone land line provided by your local cable company such as Cox, when the cable goes out so does your phone service.
6. If you have a problem with your cellphone you take it to the local store. Most cellphone providers have numerous cellphone store locations throughout the area you live. The telephone company doesn't provide a phone, you have to buy it. They cost as much if not more than a cellphone. If you need service from your local phone company they charge you to come out. If your cellphone fails completely you throw it away and get another one. Worse case you cancel the service and get another provider.
7. Many telephone companies want a deposit for service. I don't know of any cellphone provider that ask for a deposit.

These are just some of the facts that are real. So with decreasing customer base by telephone companies, why are their rates going up, or are so expensive? When my local cable company first got into competing with Quest for phone service, I could get two phones at my house (two separate) lines for less money than one phone line from Quest (the local phone company). Now Cox and Quest are about the same for one line. Then new players come along like Vonage. It's a rip off. Why do I want to pay for long distance with them? I have a cellphone provider that gives me unlimited calls anywhere in the USA.
My son-in-law uses an iChat program that is free called SKYPE. You can two video chat for as long as you want for free through your computer. It works on any type of computer software system. Add to this you can make calls anywhere in the world to a land line or cellphone for a few cents per minute.

Bottom Line - Phone Companies, you are outdated, Who Needs You?

As always your comments are both welcomed and appreciated, pro or con, I don't filter out any posted comments like some bloggers do.


Tony C said...

My landland is gone! The only calls I ever got on it came from telemarketing and mom. I gave her my cell number and told her to use it. She was baffled.

We've been conditioned to believe we need a landline through marketing. Don't buy it anymore!

BTW...I love the 'Please post in English Only, this is America!'

Linz said...

It's a conspiracy, man! I haven't ever had a landline. Of course, I'm 24. I've never NOT had a cell phone...

Anonymous said...

This is what you get when you deregulate.

The Daily Gun Picture said...

Very well written.
This is so damn true it's scary!

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I am also following your blog.

Keep up the great post.

I like the fact you touch on the heart of subjects most of us just accept or take for granted and do nothing about!

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