Aug 22, 2009

Getting the Finger

So my wife and I are out early this morning on our way over to some friends for breakfast. I'm driving along in the left hand lane because I am going to turn in about two blocks. This is a divided major street artery with 3-lanes on each side. It just starts to drizzle rain. There's a young woman walking on the side walk and she's giving everyone the finger as they pass her.
If she went out in the rain without an umbrella or at least a hat who's fault is that?
And, lady if you want someone to offer you a ride, no one is going to stop with that attitude.
Stupid is that stupid does, and the world is just overrun with these damn dumb ass people.

Your comments, as always, are welcomed and appreciated.

Aug 20, 2009

Retail Shopping:

Today I would like to share a consumer event that impacted me.

Lets get real, in today's economic climate there should be a ZERO tolerance by employers for workers who just can't seem to cater to their customers.
There are plenty of people in America who are looking for a job and need one!
As an example, I was at my local grocery store, Fry's Market, they all know me, I am in there 5 out of 7 days every week.
I am at the self check-out line, so, I have a coupon issued by Fry's Grocery Store Chain. I call the girl after I scan my item. She says, she can't help until I am finished doing all my items, keep in mind she is holding a hand held scanner. So when I am done she punches in the coupon numbers, now my credit card won't work and let me check-out, she has screwed up the system. So now I am getting ticked-off because I can't check out. I say to her, see if you had scanned it as we were going along I'd be out of here by now. She gives me attitude, as I am doing my job, polite for I'll do it my way! So I inform her, no your job is to make me happy, I am the customer. Now we're starting to get into it and everyone is looking. So the day manager comes over and apologizes to me.
I said thank you and left.
But in reality, why apologize, you can train a monkey to do this.
Companies have an attitude in the United States, because idiots in the government keep bailing them out.

Your comments, as always, are welcomed and appreciated.

Aug 17, 2009

Schools in America versus Lawyers

I posted earlier about our public education system being broken in maintaining modern day up to-date teachings.

Now I would like to address a serious issue.
One reason we have problems getting good teachers in America is because of 'Lawyers.'
Teachers should not have to go to work and worry whether or not so scum bag bottom feeder ambulance chasing money hungry lawyer is going to sue them because their child or the child's stupid parents are unhappy.

People if you are unhappy, you have one of three choices....
1. Get out of America and take those lawyers with you.
2. Shut the hell up, and become a real parent. Institute some discipline, school is not a place for fashion and political correctness.
3. Put your child in a private school or home school them, the rest of us want out children to learn!

Your comments, as always, are welcomed and appreciated.

Aug 6, 2009

America's Got Talent, Reality TV

Most of these so-called Reality TV shows are annoying. When you think they couldn't come up with another stupid idea, they amaze you and take stupidity to a new level.

I only watch one of these type shows, America's Got Talent, and that for most part is not produced very well, but then TV Show Prime Time selection is poor at best.
My biggest gripe about this show is the fact that you have two judges that aren't even American selecting so called wannabe American talent (and some of them I would question whether they are here legally). You don't see Britain's Got Talent with any American judges.
What the hell has this country come to when even our entertainment industry allows foreigners to tell America what we want, and what we think is good or bad?

Your comments, as always, are welcomed and appreciated.