Aug 17, 2009

Schools in America versus Lawyers

I posted earlier about our public education system being broken in maintaining modern day up to-date teachings.

Now I would like to address a serious issue.
One reason we have problems getting good teachers in America is because of 'Lawyers.'
Teachers should not have to go to work and worry whether or not so scum bag bottom feeder ambulance chasing money hungry lawyer is going to sue them because their child or the child's stupid parents are unhappy.

People if you are unhappy, you have one of three choices....
1. Get out of America and take those lawyers with you.
2. Shut the hell up, and become a real parent. Institute some discipline, school is not a place for fashion and political correctness.
3. Put your child in a private school or home school them, the rest of us want out children to learn!

Your comments, as always, are welcomed and appreciated.

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