Aug 20, 2009

Retail Shopping:

Today I would like to share a consumer event that impacted me.

Lets get real, in today's economic climate there should be a ZERO tolerance by employers for workers who just can't seem to cater to their customers.
There are plenty of people in America who are looking for a job and need one!
As an example, I was at my local grocery store, Fry's Market, they all know me, I am in there 5 out of 7 days every week.
I am at the self check-out line, so, I have a coupon issued by Fry's Grocery Store Chain. I call the girl after I scan my item. She says, she can't help until I am finished doing all my items, keep in mind she is holding a hand held scanner. So when I am done she punches in the coupon numbers, now my credit card won't work and let me check-out, she has screwed up the system. So now I am getting ticked-off because I can't check out. I say to her, see if you had scanned it as we were going along I'd be out of here by now. She gives me attitude, as I am doing my job, polite for I'll do it my way! So I inform her, no your job is to make me happy, I am the customer. Now we're starting to get into it and everyone is looking. So the day manager comes over and apologizes to me.
I said thank you and left.
But in reality, why apologize, you can train a monkey to do this.
Companies have an attitude in the United States, because idiots in the government keep bailing them out.

Your comments, as always, are welcomed and appreciated.

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