Jan 12, 2009

Lawyers Cause Hunger in America

This post requires some thinking....
Are you aware that the reason grocery stores, local restaurants, and other national chains like Costco, Wal-Mart, etc, throw their food away instead of giving it to the local shelters or people in need is because of the fear of being sued?
Yes that's right lawyers are causing hunger in America.
These store owners know if some smuck out their gets sick from the food they gave away, that person will run to one of these asshole ambulance chasing low life scumbag lawyers and sue them.
So instead of having any liability stores would rather throw it away.
This creates two problems...
1) People go hungry when they could be fed.
2) This waste increases our landfills at time we are suppose to be going green.

So you stinking Liberals, what do you have to say about starving people in America?

Your comments as always are welcomed and appreciated.
I dare some lawyer to defend their concept that suing someone trying to do a good deed is justified.


Linz said...

That's just sad. This is certainly an era of sue, sue, sue. It's really quite disgusting.

2 Conservative Women said...

There certainly are some interesting issues here. Now, please don't hate me, but being an attorney, I do see both sides. (I assure you though that I am not an ambulance chaser.

As is usually the case, there needs to be some responsibility on both sides actually. Yes, it's a great idea and commendable to donate unused food and this should be encouraged as much as possible. However, with perishable items, it's obviously wise to avoid donating spoiled food that would just make people ill. To put it bluntly - there's no point in feeding someone if they're just going to puke it up. (Suddenly, I'm reminded of that old Seinfeld episode where George didn't want to take his model girlfriend out to dinner anymore because she was bulimic, which made it a waste of his money......)

Getting back to my point - On the other hand, people accepting the food should be smart enough to take some responsibility and check out the food to discern whether or not it's spoiled. It's usually not too hard if you've got a brain and some functional senses. Unfortunately, we live in the victimhood era of no personal responsibility.

You mention WalMart and Costco. I don't know about all the big chains but I do know that in my local area, BJ's Wholesale (which is like Costco and Sam's Club for those that don't have one near them) donates food daily to the local social services office, where any family can go to pick up food without any questions asked, no income requirements, and no paperwork.


Linz said...

"...local social services office, where any family can go to pick up food without any questions asked, no income requirements, and no paperwork."
Damn, where can I get one of those?

Anonymous said...

I worked at a food bank helping out the less
fortunate in Atlanta last year. We couldn't get anyone to donate food from any major chain.

Simply put, their lawyers told them their liability was too high. Usually any food contamination comes from the shelters or people eating the food, some haven't bathed in months.

Lawyers know that the homeless shelters have no money and no jury would ever convict them anyway.

The money lies in business. So they sue them!

Even the scum bag illegals have rights, so tell me just how fucked up this legal system is, when some illegal piece of dog crap comes to the U.S. illegally, gets sick, and sues an American company?

Lawyers and judges who even contemplate giving anyone in this country rights over U.S. Citizens should be put to death.

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