Dec 4, 2008

Too Many Laws, Rules, and Regulations:

Lets face it, we need to wipe out 90% of the laws Congress has passed, and 100% of all Presidential Executive Orders.
Lets go back and do it right, like our founding fathers had in mind.
The framers of the U.S. Constitution left very little out. The problems with Congress and politicians as a whole, they don't read the Constitution, they talk about it a lot, but they don't read it. In fact, a recent independent Civics and U.S. History test given to Congress, 50% failed a simply test that I wouldn't have been able to graduate high school in my day if I didn't know it, yet these same politicians think they know how to govern us and what's in our best interest.
We should concentrate on developing laws directly related to the Framers Intent but incorporating modern events to compensate for what they couldn't have possibility conceived over 200-years-ago!

As always, your thoughts and comments, pro or con, are welcomed and appreciated.
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young sf gay liberal man said...

Hey u stupid ass old fart, do u actually think someone cares what u say, or blog about?

The Lady from Scottsdale said...

I can sure think of three things the founders screwed up:

1. not including equal rights for women, which you males still cannot accept and killed the ERA bill.
2. allowing you idiots to have guns cause more people with gins means for crimes and senseless killings.
3. accepting slavery, which Congress and the people had the knowledge to correct as an amendment to the constitution.

WE of the New America have spoken said...

I checked your profile and the list of blogs you follow and the idiots that follow you.
All of you are losers.
You are an old frustrated man who wants his America returned as he knew it as a child.
This is our America now.
Do us a favor, go back to your bingo parlor and leave reality to those who can handle's called youth, I have it, you don't, get over it!

Brad Armstrong, Wash DC said...

I totally agree, instead of passing NEW laws we need to revise the ones we have,get rid of the old outdated crap, and simplify the criminal justice system.