Dec 11, 2008

Jury Duty is Now out of Control

Anyone who has been called to jury duty will tell you that they assemble you in batches, like cattle, huddle you in a room with no food, and generally no drink. Nothing to do but sit there often times all day just to be sent home. Then a lot places don't pay you enough to make it worth while going (covering transportation, parking, food, etc.). This whole legal system sucks. But the jury system sucks at a personal level for most who are called.
To start with they have hundreds of people show up for a few trials.
What the hell is this all about?
The U.S. Constitution says you are entitled to a trial by Jury.
It doesn't state that you are entitled to a specific jury.
In the days before Liberals and a run away justice system, the judge would often times select 12 local members for jury duty.
I refuse to go sit there ever again and go through this bull crap.
Life is too short for a bunch of stupid ass lawyers, after all they get paid to do it!

As always your comments are appreciated, pro or con.


Anonymous said...

Jury Duty sucks.

Yes, I went once, and screw those bastards I'll never go again.
It cost me money to show up.
By the time they reimbursed me for my actual expenses, I was sort $11.00. Plus my employer doesn't cover my salary because he only has 8 people working for him.

Anonymous said...

I got called to a six month federal grand jury, WTF, who the hell is going to give up six months of their life for this stupid ass useless criminal justice system?

DP said...

I went for JURY DUTY when I lived in San Francisco.

They had 220 people show up fro 12 jurors that day.

I was really pissed off.

That's a day in my life I will never get back.

California can kiss my ass!

ghostwriter said...

Thanks, Ed, for looking at my site.

Good to know there are rational and principled people out there like you.

Let your friends know about the polls....I want to get them big enough to get out to the media...

Leon Basin said...

I would definitely agree.

the system sucks said...

You are right on the issue and the money!
If I never hear the following, it will be great:
Reasonable Doubt
Side Bar Your Honor
Sorry, Jurors but you are being sequestered.