Dec 13, 2008

Going Crazy Over Animals

Look you advent morons who think animals are better than humans, this message is for you:
Like the news media and P.E.T.A. when it comes to animals you are all in need of serious psychiatric help.
I have a pet myself, a dog. But at no time do I put my pet over my children or grandchildren or my wife.
I live in Arizona and we have critter problems, everyone does to some extent. In my area it is coyotes. Coyotes are very dangerous. They kill other animals including pets like dogs and cats.
They also attack people, especially small children and will eat them.
They idiots in Maricopa County Animal Control think these stupid ass dangerous animals should be protected from humans. Apparently someone was poisoning the useless ass critters because they invade the golf courses.
Who gives a shit about these damn animals?
What about the dangers they propose to us humans?
You animal control government nut jobs, you are paid by the taxpayers to protect now do your jobs and get rid of these dangerous animals before some child gets killed.

I am sure this blog post will create controversy.
It pisses me off that every news cast has something about some stupid ass animal story. What about the starving chilldren right here in Amrica?
What about the economic crisis facing this country?
What about the job loses?
What about foreclosures and people going homeless?
What about our Veterans?
What about healthcare?
---> These are real issues, not some stupid ass animals and what happens to them!

As always ALL comments pro or con are permitted and appreciated, because I am a strong advocate of FREE Speech.


Anonymous said...

Howling Mad you seem to be.

give'm hell said...

Beep Beep
Ruff Ruff

Leon Basin said...

Great points!

Anonymous said...

You need an anger management class.

Anonymous said...

Guns are loaded by the devil.