Nov 25, 2008

The Problem with Liberals

They are under two assumptions:
1) You can legislate away problems including how people think and the choices they make.
2) That big government is best and that the government will protect us.

Both of these assumptions are wrong.
They are so closed minded that you can't talk to them.
But hey once they lose someone to a terrorist attack or become a victim of a crime they seem to develop a whole new attitude.

As always your comments on this post about my thoughts and rants are certainly welcomed.


Brooke said...

Don't forget the belief that throwing money at a problem will somehow make it better.

Trying to have a conversation with a liberal is usually impossible. The "tolerant" lefty will call you any number of names and show you a stunning level of rudeness for having the audacity to exhibit an opposing viewpoint.

Life and Times of yaya said...

The worst thing about Liberals I have found is the USE of the so-called race card.
I don't eve think about a person's race until some idiot like Al Sharpton brings it up. The news media goes into a frenzy over this crap which only causes more tension.
But Liberals use it to their advantage and most people just don't get it!