Nov 26, 2008

Voting Faux Pas, Blunders, and Lies - Part 1

I am no kid and have been around for awhile. Even though I am not that computer literate I can understand using a 'Secured Network' for online payments so my credit card and personal data are safe.
So why is it that these morons in the Federal Government and the political structure in this country can't understand 'Electronic Voting' is safe and secure?

Is it that they don't want us to use it?
This would certainly prevent people from voting twice, like those who have a home in Michigan and one in Arizona for example or those in New York and Florida. Gee I can understand why politicians would shun that fact.

So if we believe the government that electronic voting is not safe, it's flawed, it's not accurate, it is subject to vulnerability, then what about my online banking and purchases I make over the Internet with my credit cards?
Think about that for awhile.
Comment if you dare.

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simple, the governmet.... said...

are idiots and liars!