Nov 19, 2008

I Hate Homeowner Associations (HOA's)

These nazi based wannabee super imposed control freaks made of frustrated soccer moms, scum bag realtors, disgruntled old farts, useless ass lawyers, peta supporters, anti-gun nuts, liberals, and low life mortgage nuts are destroying America with their endless nit picking bullshit rules.
That is why I support the following consumer advocate Blog forum:
Homeowner Association Rant

Your comments on my thoughts and rants are welcomed.


Tucson, Az said...

I would have to fully agree! I hate hoa's and their cry baby antics and nitpicking. Most themselves are hypocrites to their own cause, that or would sell out their own mother.
I will paint MY house what ever color I want...and may just paint it purple and orange just to piss off the crazy old wind bag low life going door to door "making sure your following the rules" I could give a damn what color someones house is or if they have 12 broken down cars in their yard... not my problem its their home... oh and don't tell me I don't know what its like... I grew up in the country with redneck neighbors.. and no one cares what you do with your property as long as you keep it on your property. your home your property you life your business. the way it should be.

other thoughts Apple was sued and LOST because they tried to tell people what they could and could not do with the products that the consumers bought.. the courts said the customer bought the product its the customers choice what to do with it... that's how it should be with a house I bought it ill do what I want with it.

Anonymous said...

Why hate on liberals? Just because I'm liberal doesn't mean I want an HOA. Plenty of liberals, because of our concern for the environment, hate HOAs because they won't let us xeriscape the yard or put up clotheslines. (For anyone who doesn't know, xeriscaping means getting rid of water-hungry grass and replacing it with drought-resistant plants, mulch, wildflowers and rock gardens in order to conserve water.) Also, many HOAs violate the constitution by not allowing residents to put up political signs, even during elections. This is something everyone should be angry about. And did you know that the first HOAs were formed in order to keep racial minorities out of certain neighborhoods? Tell that to any pro-HOA liberal friends you have and they might think twice. I think the anti-HOA cause is better served by liberals and conservatives uniting on this issue. It's not a partisan issue. It's a pro-democracy issue.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I forgot to mention that I'm about to buy a house for the first time and we're looking at non-HOAs only. We might be okay with a voluntary (opt-out) pool-club, but no HOA for us. I want to xeriscape the yard, and the HOAs in that area won't even show us the documents so we can figure out if that's even allowed. Forget them. The frustration is that there are far fewer homes that are non-HOA, but I figure in the end, we only need one!

Anonymous said...

You're out of your mind if you think Liberals like home owner's associations. Sure I like my neighborhood to look nice too but a person's property is just--their property. I think there should be a constitutional amendment to prevent the HOAs of this country from being able to foreclose on houses.