Nov 19, 2008

I really hate CL (craigslist)

I used CL Rants-and-Raves board for two years, one year in New York, and one year here in Phoenix Arizona. It is full of spaced out drug users and whiners. People who have no job, sit around all day on welfare or leeching off others.
They spend most of their time hitting the 'Refresh' button to see who has posted some dribble they can condemn or knock. If none is there they create bogus crap and reply to themselves. Anyone who disagrees with these so-called regulars, gets 'Flagged' as in their post is deleted.
In addition, CL has become a haven for spammers and con artist of every type posting oo all boards and topics.
Some of these assholes post to 10 boards or more around the world.

I have elected to use an alternative...
Try this Rants and Rave forum, a blog with NO Flagging:

Your comments on my thoughts and rants are welcomed.

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