Nov 22, 2008

The Veterans Administration a.k.a. The VA

Any Veteran who has ever dealt with the VA will tell you they think they just stepped off the plane in Russia.
The ignorant bureaucrats the government hires to run, operate, and administer benefits to our veterans must have all come out of drug rehab.
The way we treat our VETS is disgraceful.
These people should all be fired, and preferably put in prison.

Don't agree, well keep this in mind, the people who work in the Admin and decision making areas get bonuses for money they save the government. So they have NO incentive to help our Vets and every incentive to save money at the expense of our Veterans.
The news media wont cover this, but let some idiot run a dog fighting or cock fighting ring and the news coverage goes on for months and the they want to hang the people up by their gonads for cruelty to animals.

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