May 19, 2010

Tea Party Idiots in Arizona

Arizona held a special ballot to increase the sales tax by one cent. This was due to a mounting state debt. The debt created by bad and out of control spending was rewarded by a 66 percent voter approval for the new sales tax. A heavy campaign was fought and paid for by the unions. These are the same unions that support Obama and liberal left spending agenda.
This new sales tax was endorsed by a Republican woman governor Jan Brewer, she showed her real colors.
But yet, the Tea Party even supported this bill.
Hey, what part of no more spending and tax increases do you idiots not understand?
The Tea Party, at least in Arizona, is a failure and should do society a favor, shoot themselves.
This new sales tax will have a serious impact on senior citizens, the unemployed, and the all ready financially strapped lower to middle income families.

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