Aug 13, 2010

Mosques in America

This is a follow up of my previous posting about the Mosque being built near ground zero in New York City.

These damn Muslims are out of control and the ignorant politicians in America who kiss Islams ass are worse.

So here is one alternative to these so-called politically correct insensitive politicians and to Islam and Muslims in America-
My solution for getting rid of all Mosque in America is:
1) On one side of the mosque have a Gay Bar (this has been suggested by others). Make sure there is a big sign overhead that displays, 'GAY BAR.'
In the window have a neon sign that says 'Muslims Get in Free.'

2) On the other side of the mosque, have Sex Shop and Massage Parlor. Make sure it has a big sign overhead that displays, 'SEX SHOP and MASSAGE PARLOR.'
A small sign in the window that says, 'Muslim Women with Burkas get 20 Percent Discount.'

3) Across the street from the mosque, have a nice butcher shop specializing in Pork.
A sign overhead that says, 'Fresh BBQ Pork Ribs.'

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