Dec 1, 2009

Afghanistan is another Vietnam:

Many of you are not old enough to remember the Vietnam War, but I was there. It was started by two democrats, Jack Kennedy (JFK) and Lyndon Johnson (LBJ). This war was out of control with hundreds of thousands of young men being drafted. Yes, the USA had a draft back then. Richard Nixon inherited the war, but did one thing correct, he realized the war could not be won on the ground. So he began to bomb North Vietnam. All major ports, railroads, munition factories, roads, etc. He also mined some harbors to stop foreign ships from delivering supplies. This worked until political pressure ended the war, which lasted almost 10-years.
As a result the democrats became stronger, because they were the left wing liberals who didn't want the war and blamed the Republicans for creating it, although it was clearly started by the Democrats. Essential the bill of goods sold to the American people was we must stop communist aggression before it arrives here in America and we are fighting them in our own streets.

This was again sold to us about Iraq and Afghanistan but called the war on terrorism. One thing we always here is there's a collation helping us. That is total bunk. In Vietnam less than one percent of forces were non-American.
The same in Iraq and Afghanistan. If we have 200,00 troops and some country sends 150 that's not a coalition, unlike what George Bush told us.
Afghanistan cannot be won. Many have tried. Before us was a whole host including the British and the Russians. The Soviet Union was in Afghanistan nearly 10-years, there Vietnam. Several Russian generals who fought in Afghanistan advised Bush / Cheney the war could not be won on the ground. NATO commanders who are there have said the same thing and reported back to their respective governments making it near impossible for America to get participation.
The bottom line is we need to do one of two things, bomb the hell out of them including the tribal strongholds on the Pakistan border with Afghanistan or get out. American military commanders are infantry based and always think superior forces on the ground will win.
The argument is still being made that if we don't fight the Taliban / al-Qaeda in Afghanistan we will be dealing with them here in America on our own streets.
If we would stop this baby sitting attitude about fairness then we could end this is a few months. There should be no rules of engagement, no fairness in war. General George Patton said it the best: kill them before they kill you, make their wives widows and their children orphans.
I have been to war, and I'll tell you these politicians coupled with desk jockey jackasses in the Pentagon will continue to get Americans killed and prolong this war.
We need to eliminate the the rule on bombing soft targets. In fact get rid of all rules of engagement and kill the worthless shits. These Muslims know we wont bomb or target Mosques, Schools, and Hospitals so they store their arms and explosives under them. Hell in Iraq we have found bomb making factories under soft targets. I say we either bomb everything and level it to the sand or get out and leave the assholes to kill one another.

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