Nov 26, 2009

AARP Sucks

AARP Sucks:

I am a senior on Social Security, and I have never belonged to nor would I ever waste my damn money on AARP - American Association of Retired People.
I cannot believe retired people are conned into joining this group of useless Liberals who have never done anything for retired people.
Lets look at the facts, starting with latest fiasco, their support of Obama, Pelosi, and Reid healthcare plan for America:
1) AARP supported this plan because it's good for them. It will bring in CASH Dollars by forcing every American at any age to purchase health insurance. They are in bed with United Healthcare.
2) United Healthcare sucks. They are useless I had them for one year and their coverage is terrible,
3) AARP have allowed Medicare and Medicaid to erode. Quality and service along with coverage has decreased while cost has risen.
4) AARP has allowed every piece of shit who should never get Social Security get it, because it's a path to welfare for many and welfare is a bad name to be bandit about.
5) Social Security retirement income has not keep up with inflation. AARP has done little to get seniors the cost of living they need and deserve.
6) They support the AMA – American Medical Association and most doctors aren't even members.
7) They donate large sums of money to politicians especially democrats. If they are going to donate money, giving it to some asshole Congressman is a waste of funds. Senators control everything and there are less of them.
8) Now for the worst part, if you look at AARP the people on salary are hired political guns. There are NO seniors on the payroll. How can you represent seniors when AARP isn't even staffed and run by seniors?

Do yourselves a favor, drop out of AARP, they are con artist and scum bags.

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robert said...


Kim Yvonne Cady said...

I am a gentle soul, given to taking homeless animals & people in off the streets... perhaps a flaming liberal... but, totally sincere... I joined AARP.. got a cheap cell phone... but other than that... they totally suck the big one!

Anonymous said...

These guys are slick... most folks get old and figure it's a given, just join because you 'qualify'. I spotted some negative press on them some years back, looked into it, and decided they are a political band not for us. Check out their 'deals'. I found better deals for life insurance, car insurance, etc.. outside AARP. Like the government, you don't get what you pay for.

palinurus said...

AARP is a hypocritical organization. It supports the Democrat health care plan, not because it is a good plan or helps seniors, but because it will create a need for seniors to purchase supplemental insurance that AARP sells. It will fill AARP coffers, but will lead to poor health care, rationing and higher taxes for future generations......

Annie said...

The total worse.,.,,nothing but a bad insurance company.

I recently got a car insurance quote from them:

1200 higher than my current car insurance policy, and 300 more for homeowners.

They purportedly represnt seniors and then discriminate against them.

I havw a CREDIT score over 800, own my own home and have anew chevy driving record is pristine,,,,,but I am there you go....1200 more for the very same coverage!

I will never, ever join this organization again!!!!

Anonymous said...

I let my membership lapse because every "deal" they offer is NOT a deal. They do nothing for me.

Colleen said...

I would like to know the structure of AARP. How did its leaders get there? Are they voted in or hired? Is it a private company? I would like to get them fired and put out of business. It is fraudulent to say that they speak for seniors. It is more like they prey on seniors. They are misguided at best, just plain evil at worst.

Anonymous said...

I can only echo the comments written here. I send their junk mail back to them in their own envelope--they pay the postage. It gives USPS some business, too. We need 60 Minutes to do a piece on AARP, or at least give Andy Rooney a shot.

Anonymous said...

AARP does NOTHING for Seniors but try to rob them of their money and support anyone who is robbing and abusing them.
AARP KNOWS that senior citizens are being robbed and abused in guardianships and does NOTHING about it. NOT A PEEP from the largest elder advocate organization.


Sign petition to Stop Guardianship Abuse and Elder Abuse at

Anonymous said...

kyou are right., sucks big time and I will nevrr be a member again....all it is is a big and i do mean big insurance company.

They do nothing for seniors....nothing at all.


Anonymous said...

AARP and its affiliates sends so much junk mail it is unbelievable. How many trees are these bastards responsible for killing? Where is the anger of the green democrats that lie in bed with these mothers. Screw AARP and get rid of them if you still are a member.

Anonymous said...

You guys are all funny. AARP positions itself as a liberal organization -- if you didn't know that, why did you join?

Their motto is "What we do, we do for all." How much more collectivist can you get? Shame on all of you old people for not doing your due diligence.

Would a right-to-lifer send a donation to Planned Parenthood? Would a gun control advocate support the NRA? Then why would you send money to an advocacy group formed to lobby the government?

Your own silly fault...

Anonymous said...

My own silly fault, huh anonymous. Well, for your information, I AM A LIBERAL` AND proud of it.....AARP is not a liberal organization, another writer wrote: they are nothing more than a huge. overpriced insurance company.

I am no longer a member and will never be again!

What AARP does is not liberal, it's rather Greedy Piggish!

As for the health care bill. I am for it.

Keep in mind, when social security began it covered only widows and their children. It has been expanded fromits infancy to what it is today.

The same thing will happen with the health care bill.....we are the only industrial country in the world that hasn't provided health care for all....we will eventually when the insurance companies are kicked out of the program and it becomes medicare for all, orrrrr have a public option.

Joe said...

Don't forget that AARP was in favor--and succeeded in--denying food and water to the incapacitated Terri Schiavo. They want to knock off seniors; that's the truth. How else could AARP be for a healthplan that denies care to seniors. (I forgot: it's the money.)

Robert Platt Bell said...

AARP might have had Senior's interests at heart at one time, but today is just an affinity marketing organization that sells your name, address, demographic data and e-mail address to a lot of odious people who send you offers for overpriced services.

The vaunted "AARP Discount" is little better than an AAA discount".

Regardless of whether I agree with SOME of their political views or not, what annoys me is that they don't even bother to ASK the membership - they TELL YOU WHAT TO THINK.

Today I receive an e-mail from AARP that has a link to a website that shows a faked-up newspaper from my home town. The headline states that I am going to Washington to fight for Social Security and then has an article with quotes purported to be from me.

It then animates a cursor (scared the crap out of me, because I thought I was on a Trojan site) and goes to a "search page" purporting to show dozens of articles quoting me as supporting one political cause or another.

It was frightening - they are TELLING me what my opinions are, which I find HIGHLY OFFENSIVE.

No doubt, some idiot at AARP got paid a seven-figure salary to do this.

The magazines are even worse - one looks like PARADE and the other like PEOPLE - celebrity gossip and really bad financial advice. Seniors should not be taking on debt or worrying about credit scores - but their financial page has all sorts of bad advice in this regard.

These are the guys who are supposed to be watching your back!

So far, AARP is just junk mail, SPAM, a crappy discount, gaudy magazines, and advocacy for things I may or may not support.

Maybe I agree with their positions, maybe not. But it is offensive to TELL ME what I think before I make up my own mind.

AARP sucks - it is an utter waste of money!


Annie said...

hyphewiI agree...couldn't have said it better.,

Peter said...

It is so great to see that I am not alone, howling my anger at the AARP scam in the wilderness.
AARP used to be an organization that represented, helped and lobbied for Seniors.
AARP has been HIJACKED by a bunch of insanely greedy and crooked insurance salesmen, who waste billions advertising on TV every two minutes. We need an investigation of what has happened and who is getting rich off this instead of using dues and commissions to LOBBY for us seniors. Lord knows we need that representation now more than ever. The Senior lobby used to be feared in Washington DC, now it seems to have disappeared and been replaced by the activity of EXPLOITING seniors.

Anonymous said...

I could not agree more with critics of this faux pro-senior organization. Have you seen the latest article on on how the AARP Healthcare puppet will earn about one billion dollars through coverage business related to the new Healthcare bill! I dropped my membership over a year ago after reading their rationale for supporting the health care bill. Wise up seniors and dumped them now!

Anonymous said...

AARP is clearly a Libtard-oriented organization - it is OPPOSED to Social Security reform - SUPPORTS the status quo of tax-and-spend - and SPENDS MILLIONS of member dollars on LOBBYING


Anonymous said...

AARP are a bunch of cocksuckers. I know because I used to be one but now I've quit. They are in it for all they can get. Someday they will get theirs. Too bad Joe McCarthy is gone. We need someone to purge those commies out of our country.

Anonymous said...

AARP is a wolf in sheeps clothing.
AARP's.... CHASE CREDIT CARD is a total ripoff.
One late payment and the APR jumps to a staggering 29.9% and applies indefinitely.

The 29.9% APR says it all folks..

Anonymous said...

AARP has annoyed me for years and after being a long time member I quit when they supported the health care bill. It is good to see that others also feel as I do. AARP is in the insurance business and is self-serving and has fooled seniors into joining. They do not speak for all and it's time Congres knows it.

Anonymous said...

I joined AARP a couple years ago and the only thing I keep getting is junk mail from every insurance company in the nation.I'm sure they have the AARP executives in there hip pocket.Plus the money off of us seniors this organization should be investigated by congress oh wait they in on this also.....Good luck I will never join again.

Anonymous said...

I know a man that I know is very truthful that used to be in the advertising business. He was very successful, so successful that AARP wanted to use his company to promote their company (AARP). My Friend imformed the big dog at AARP that AARP did not meet the criteria of types of companies they advertise for. The Big Dog from AARP still wanted to meet with my friend. My friend agreed to meet and did. The Big Cheese from AARP had with him at the meeting a briefcase with a HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLARS in CASH in it and attempted to bribe my friend with it to advertise for AARP. My friend, being a man of integerity refused it. But how many times do you think the Big Cheese attempted to bribe someone else especially someone in an elected office and that person accepted the bribe ? I know my friend is not a liar, he tells my about this event everytime I see him and he is about 80 years old if he was lying he would not tell me this story, then forget that he had told me then tell me again.....liars just don't work that way.
I firmly believe AARP is a self-serving company and it is all about money and power.

AArp life insurance said...

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Anonymous said...

Check out AARP's comment: Nasty, arrogant, sarcastic.....just like AARP is. I asked for a quote and they signed me up.....when I told then I oly wanted a quote they turned me to collection for non-payment. AZZholes. AARP needs to be shut down.

Anonymous said...

Check out AARP on the Better Business Bureau. They have an big fat "F". They FAIL because they are a terrible business and use terrible practices. Also AARP will NOT leave me alone. I have written to them many times and even had the BBB tell them to stop with their junk mail. They refuse to stop. There needs to be a law for junk mail as there is for phone calls.

Anonymous said...

AARP SUCKS!! They promote United Health Care on their TV adds. Recently I had to renew my prescription for Toprol XL. For years it cost 15 dollars for 90 days, boy was I shocked when I got the bill for 100 plus dollars. When I contacted United Health Care they told me they changed tiers.
A 5 fold increase?
I would like to see a real organization that really helps retired senor citizens not "Back STABBING US!!! In my opinion AARP is no better than the Wall Street Thugs.
If you want change, you better vote for change and it's not for a Democrat or Republican. A Democrat or Republican will only take away from us. Both Parties have been in office for years and what did we get???

VOTE INDEPENDENT for all factions of government, Local, State and Federal. Than we might have a chance for change

Anonymous said...

My wife and I pay well over $6000 per year for AARP supplemental insurance including part D prescription medication coverage. These are the most underhanded people with whom it has been my displeasure to do business. They lie without remorse or conscience.
AARP IS NOT LOOKING OUT FOR SENIORS; THEY ARE IN THE BUSINESS OF COLLECTING ROYALTIES FOR THE USE OF THEIR NAME BY INSURANCE COMPANIES. When considering any type of medical insurance whether it be supplemental or prescription medication...RUN AWAY FROM ANY COMPANY USING THE AARP LOGO. It is time that another group is formed that truly represents seniors and their concerns.

FilthyMcNasty said...

AARP is indeed a liberal organization.

They have zero tolerance for market-based reforms of the system.

They are the antithesis of choice in heath care.

Anonymous said...

I AGREE. A NO GOOD ORGANIZATION. We dropped out and got a refund.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I can tell you how to get off a mailing list, anyones in fact, real quick....Cost them money.

All that mail has some sort of Business Reply Envelope where they pay the postage for its return. Contracts with the post office, they HAVE to pay for any return mail using those prepaid envelopes. And the amount is higher than regular postage.

The max amount the postal service will take is 70 lbs with a combined width, height and gurth of 108 inches..

So simply take one of their business reply envelopes, use some shipping tape and apply it to a cinder block, which are still fairly cheap. That will run them $30.00 or so in return postage.

Do that a couple of times, and they will get the message.

You can write them all the letters you want to get off of a mailing list, and that never works.. this does...

If the keep sending you stuff, switch to using an old bald tire..
a Pickup truck sized one..they get the message fairly quick.

Not only does it work, it gives one a feeling of satisfaction.

Also considering that these places all sell mailing lists back and forth, believe me.. it will get you off of a lot of other people's mailing list real fast..

a bald 31 x 10.50 truck tire costs them about $75 or $80.. and by postal contract, they have to pay for it..whether they like it or not.

I'll guarantee this works real well..

I learned this off of a lady who was a customer of mine about 10 years ago. She was trying to get off of some company's mailing list, and after a zillion letters to them, nothing worked.. her son who worked for the Post Office told her about this.

So she tried it several times.. Not only did she get off that mailing list, but a whole bunch of she was rewarded with a scathing letter from that company's president.

Which she promptly framed and put on the wall in her office.
gotta love happy endings like that one.

Annie said...

That tire Suggestion sounds a little extreme.....I'd be Afraid the post office would call the Looney bin guys to come get me!!!
I'll just send their mail back....

Anonymous said...

I find it very funny that people make blind accusations with providing the proper proof that AARP has ripped anyone off. I know for a fact that AARP offers a lot of great things other then just discounts on restaurants, magazines, and requests for donation money that goes in their pockets. It is just crazy the amount of hate people can have. For every person who disagrees with AARP there is another person who benefits from what they do. I understand writing about things you disagree about but to all out bash and organization that tries to help others is terrible. I even read above someone referring to the Marketplace Exchange AKA Affordable Health Care Act AKA "Obama Care", having something to do with United Healthcare and that is way off base. I for one support "Obama Care", due to the fact that I could not get affordable healthcare for me and my family and now I can. I also do not agree with people pointing fingers certain political parties because as Americans we have the right to support what we feel will benefit us or our family. So just wanted to point a few things so that maybe this forum would be better suited for expressing concerns or the fact that you just plain disagree, instead of a giant bash party on AARP.

Anonymous said...

Their big thing is everything they "endorse" they get a cut on the premium or rate as in case of phones. You can get a phone just as cheap on other services. What really ticked me off was their lobbying hard for the Obummer care plan which can be a disaster for seniors as the plan has a way out by just denying any more claims. They are pure and simple leeches. About as bad in some ways as Bernie Madoff they just dont ask you to invest mega bucks just a little at a time.

Anonymous said...

who cares about politics? AARP does nothing for the annual dues.

SRQ Jeff said...

I've never go so far as to send AARP a cinder block, but I have graced them with several dead cockroaches and a couple lizards. I just love getting those reply mail envelopes.

Anonymous said...

AARP burned me, so I am going to return the favor. I hope your insurance is current.

Wolfman said...

AARP is nothing more than a liberal outfit out to take advantage of our senior citizens and waited to the last minute to endorce unconstitutional forced Obama Care

Anonymous said...

Who are you using for Supplement Insurance? One can not get Uniyed Healthcare without joining AARP.

Me said...

Great to know so many can see through the AARP scam. I was a member twelve years ago. Fortunately, it didn't take long to realize AARP offers nothing.
AARP should be shut down.

Jr. Williams said...

Are there any 'real' benefits to joining AARP?
You Don’t Know aarp

Anonymous said...

aarp you support liberal left wing nut cases.i will never have anything to do with you communists

Anonymous said...

I just cancelled my membership in AARP because they worked with local government to push through a new income tax that will hurt Seniors the most. AARP even robo-called Indiana members to listen to a propaganda piece conning members into voting for the tax.

Anonymous said...

It is unfortunate that AARP has totally lost its way. Rather than sit idly by while social security and medicare are termed "entitlements", it gives only lip service and instead has become a shill for insurance, travel, cell phone services. It needs to take some pages from the NRA playbook and hire a Wayne LaPierre type to challenge what really matters to seniors. Having been a member for over twenty years, I am no longer wasting what little fixed income I have on an organization that is at best self-serving, uncaring and unresponsive to its member's real needs.

Anonymous said...

I am a victim of age discrimination. I was told to apply for SCSEP. I had to make numerous long distance calls. And was told I had to wait until July. It is now August and no job. It's just acruek hoax.