Nov 5, 2009

Obama Care Part 2, it's not for me:

Government intervention into our most precious right, the right to life, the right to control our own destiny. Who gives the government the right to interfere with this and other basic human rights that so many Americans have died for to preserve in this country?

I sympathize with those who have lost their jobs or work for employers who do not give healthcare, and yes I do believe that something should be done, but not on a Trillion Dollar Spending Spree that will destroy the total U.S. economy.
The healthcare system when everything is encompassed into that broad definition is suppose to make up one sixth (1/6) of The United States Gross Domestic Economy and Spending. Simply put by allowing the government to interfere is a socialist ploy to control the economy and bring total economic collapse instituting all out socialism, which spells the Soviet Union, which I fought to prevent. Mr, Obama you are not my President and Nancy Pelosi you communist insane twit along with that babbling idiot Harry Reid will create chaos never known in this country before.

Liberals in their narrow minded stupor they call logic always deals with the minority. The majority is suppose to rule but for the last 50 years or so everything under the sun in a form of legislation has been geared by both political parties to favor the minority or a narrow group of people.

More of my thoughts on this in Part 3.

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