Nov 20, 2009

Obama Care Part 3, it's not for me:

An ABC, Liberal Reporter recently asked President Obama if the Healthcare Bill passes and becomes law, will he and his family along with Congress agree to use it?

Obama avoided the question.

But the U.S. Congress has exempted themselves, their families, people who work for the congressional office, the President, and all cabinet ministers. So if it's so friggin good for America, why the hell aren't they using it?

Wake up you sheeple, the monkeys in Washington DC are lose and running amuck with our money!

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1 comment:

Snarky Basterd said...

Now why would he want to go and give up that great team of doctors he likes to brag he has?

BTW: I wanted to let you know that I've moved Feed Your ADHD. Stop by for a visit when you can.