Jan 16, 2010

Who Cares ?

Again America is asked to give, give, give.

This 'Save Haiti' is a bunch of crap.

Governments have to learn that America is not it's cash cow. But first we have to get rid of all the stupid politicians in Washington DC that just keep spending our tax dollars.

This idiot Obama has committed 100 Million Dollars to the Haiti effort, and he says this is just a start. We, Americans, all have to pay for this.

Screw these bastards, it's time we say No More, America is broke, help yourselves.

What's next, Mr. Obama, let the 500,000 homeless Haitians into America?

Wake up America you're being sold on the world auction block.

Don't agree, then asked yourself, where was the world when Katrina struck or any other serious disaster here in America? No one comes to help us! Think about it!

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Money Tips said...

because they, politicians, will never learn

The Old Geezer said...

I enjoyed looking over your blog
God bless you