Jan 30, 2010

Who Really Cares ?

Obama gave his state of the union speech the other day and everyone with an once of common sense should be asking themselves, 'Who Cares'?
These idiot speeches have been given by Presidents for decades and for the most part are just another platform to affirm their political agenda. In the last 25-years or so it has even gotten worse and has shown how far out of touch with the voter politicians are.
People along with network news and analyst are all chattering about the recent win in Massachusetts with a Republican Senator. Again I say who cares?
We need to start over in America. Both political parties are so far out of touch with main stream America it's become an endless argument over which one can be the bigger idiot of the day!
If your reading this and think that a Republican win will change things and make your life better, you need to return to your bat cave. Neither party in Washington DC gives a hoot about you!

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