Feb 8, 2010

Where's The Commonsense ?

If Congress and that nitwit in the White House had an ounce of commonsense, they would bring each of these Healthcare issues up individually for a vote as a single bill. No Amendments or modifications, no debate. Each bill would stand on it's own merit and live or die based solely on it's merit. The voting of each bill would have to be televised and totally open to the public and press.
This would accomplish three major things:
1) It would get some kind of Healthcare reform passed.
2) It would allow every American to see what's in each Bill, and decide for themselves.
3) Every American would know which Congressman and Senator voted for or against each bill, and thus decide whether they survive the next election cycle.

Once everything is passed a separate bill could be issued to combine all the individual bills into one piece of legislation again with no modifications or amendments.

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