Feb 21, 2010

It's Dead and They Just Don't Know It Yet:

Yes, television a.k.a TV is dead, they should just go ahead and bury it now.
It's a dinosaur. It's like GM's endless making SUV's and not paying attention to the economy and the need to reduce energy demands.

All you get is crappy programming. Add this to these idiotic infomercials (paid advertising programs) that are on every damn channel and taking up more and more TV viewing time.

Too make things worse they have those damn pop-up ads that ruin the program you are watching; and stupid channel logos at the bottom of the screen.

TV is dead, bury it now. It's all caused by idiots that can't see the writing on the wall. This is the result of over paying so-called morons for doing a TV series, a news network show, etc. Add that to highly overpaid network executives who create endless bad programming and shove them down the consumers throat.

As an option just watch Hulu or one of the other free online TV network broadcasts on your computer.

You can quote me on this, TV is Dead. I doubt if it will last another 5-years.

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1 comment:

Chris Denning said...

Hey! My husband loves the 70's ballads and other music infomercial. He looks for it and listens to it the whole 30 minutes. We bought him the albums but he still likes to hear the clips of each song. Go figure.