Apr 6, 2010

School Teacher or Babysitter?

In an America gone so crazy we forget what a free public education means.

Lets look at what it's suppose to mean:
1) The access to every legal born child resident to get an equal and proper education to be productive in our society when he or she grows up and enters the working world.
2) That our tax dollars go to the finest facilities and best teachers that we can provide.
3) That as parents we take an active, not a passive role to insure these things happen.

Now, lets look at what our educational system has become:
1) We still teach archaic techniques and subjects that no child can utilize in the real working or adult world.
2) Parents think teachers are babysitters.
3) Teachers are afraid to grade children properly or discipline a child for the fear of being sued.
4) Inept or out right bad teachers are protected by unions who also are either ready to sue their local or state governments; or go on-strike if their outrageous demands are not met.
5) Students think that school is a social meeting place for romance, sex, dating, and fashion.
6) Students across America are graduating school unable to read and write.
7) The school system is more worried about being politically correct and teaching so-called political correctness to children than educating them.
8) Students are inundated by all kinds of junk and fast foods while many schools have eliminated a gym curriculum altogether. Thus we are producing a society of illiterate fat shits who will be a continuing plaque on our healthcare system as they get older.
9) America places in the lowest education standards for developed and industrialized nations.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

You are such an American individualist, yet you seemingly take as Gospel the existence of a public, government-run, education system. Frankly, I'm surprised you didn't suggest a privatisation plan. Lower taxes, yeah?

Sink or swim! It's the American way!