Jul 18, 2010

Roe v Wade, and The Senseless Argument:

It boggles the mind that idiots on both sides of this issue are still arguing about it.

The decision centered around these facts ....
1) The reason abortion was needed back when this decision was made evolved around cost. The cost of birth control pills for women was very expensive. Doctors were also reluctant to issue them even to those who could afford them.
2) Also, the cost of condoms were expensive and no proper sex education was taught in the schools.
3) But the real reason was society shunned a non married woman who was either pregnant or had a baby out of wedlock.

Now woman have babies all the time if they are not married. Lesbian women use sperm donors.

It is not economically sound or intelligent to bring an unwanted child into the world. As a parent myself, I can attest that raising children is both trying and costly. Immense pressure is on parents to give their children the best. This seldom occurs in an unwanted pregnancy.

For those religious nuts who think abortion is a sin, I would like to know where their sorry asses are once the child is born? I don't see any of them stepping up to the plate to take of that child through college.

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