Mar 22, 2009

Get Out of the UN Now....

So if you haven't heard, the Secretary General of the United Nations has called the United States 'The Biggest Deadbeat Donor.'
He wants us to pay more money to this useless politically corrupt inept world council of idiots.
Last year, American taxpayers ponied up nearly $5 billion for the UN system. The U.S. is by far the world's largest donor to the UN. The U.S. provides other assistance for peacekeeping operations. The U.S. responds to emergency appeals. We are always on deck.
Yet, the head of the UN comes to Congress and scolds us for not doing enough? He demands yet more money from us while making little progress in cleaning up the badly-broken UN?
The UN's ineffectiveness is not from a lack of cash, but the result of a corrupt system which wastes money and apologizes for dictatorships.
The UN has been hijacked by a rogues' gallery that uses our funds to undermine peace and security. Dictatorships use the Human Rights Council and Durban 2 conference process to restrict universal freedoms and protect extremists. The UN Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) aids violent Islamist and partners with money-laundering banks under U.S. sanctions or under U.S. investigation for financing Islamist militants. The UN Development Program (UNDP) pays the legal fees of its corrupt officials but refuses to protect whistle-blowers.
"While Iran, Syria, and North Korea endanger the entire world, the UN is pre-occupied with condemning democratic states like the U.S. and Israel.
The American people are facing serious economic challenges here at home. How can a morally-bankrupt UN ask our taxpayers to bail them out?

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