Mar 27, 2009

Let Me Tell You a Story:

My friend's son is a disabled U.S. Marine from Iraq.
The Marine Corps spent years delaying his discharge to avoid paying him benefits.
They forced him to have an operation which made him worse.
The doctor was a foreigner and idiot who was on contract to the Department of the Navy, that the U.S. Government gave a license to this jackass.
The fact that he was a civilian doctor but contracted to the Navy / Marine Corp made him exempt from lawsuits.
Later this same disabled Marine with continued failing health problems fought the VA (Veteran Administration) for years to get benefits.
They gave him 10%.
He has repeatedly been back over and over for treatments.
Last week they told him his condition had worsened and he will probably be wheelchair bound within 3-years. The kid is 25-years-old.
The doctors have no say in compensation and benefits.
This is done by non-licensed VA bureaucrats with no medical knowledge.
This person has a family with small children and no health insurance.
What the hell. Mr. Obama, where is the government reform?
Where is the campaign promises to honor and take care of our Vets?
Yet some scum bag illegal can go down and get welfare and food stamps.
This country needs to revise itself, gets its priorities in line and go back to its tradition of what made us great. If that takes another revolution so be it!

As always your comments are welcomed and appreciated. I would really like to hear your thoughts on this one!

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2 Conservative Women said...

Wow, I feel really horrible after reading about the plight of this great America who we all owe for his service and sacrifice.

I have no real answers, unfortunately, other than looking into getting a VA benefits attorney if he hasn't already done so by now.