Sep 15, 2009

Obama Care Part 1, Why Congress will eventually pass this bill:

My neighbor and I were talking about Obama's Healthcare Plan, we both oppose it, but as Seniors we realize it will become law. We as a nation continue to brings things upon ourselves both as individuals and the system that enslaves us all. In this case, Healthcare.
Let me share a simple story of how screwed up the current healthcare system is.
My friend needs to see a cardiologist. His doctor says he had a minor stroke. His doctor is in with a group of other doctors and run by a group of administrators. His doctor tells him he needs to see this cardiologist soon as possible and that he will arrange an appointment. About 4 days go by and no phone call, so he calls his doctor's office to be told by the admin people they don't male appointments they wanted him to make his own.
Does anyone see the problem?
If your primary care physician allows a bunch of administrative people to make decisions on his behalf affecting you, this is why we have lawyers because it's a bad thing.
A call to a cardiologist from your primary care physician will get you an appointment pretty fast, especially when he says, this patient has had a minor stroke and another is probably imminent.
If you call to make your own appointment you will wait forever. So my friend called another doctor he found and his earliest appointment, even after informing the scheduling staff that he had a minor stoke, will take 6-weeks. He could be dead in six weeks.
The whole medical system, like the justice system is broken in this country.
What we need is a simple approach.
Patient Bill of Rights plus the ability to select any insurer from anywhere for our coverage just like we do with auto and home insurance.
But Obama knows this. His plan is to force all of us to go way beyond what is really needed and jam down our throats big government healthcare.
Hospitals, doctors, administrators, insurance companies, employers, and patients only have themselves to blame for all this!

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