Sep 3, 2009

Tort Reform:

This is a real hot issue with the so-called Obama-care. Here is my take on 'Tort' reform, i.e. limiting the scope and money for lawyers in malpractice medical lawsuits .....
First the damn Trial Lawyers lobbyist group should be taken out and executed, they are a waste of human skin.
Saying that, lets look at the facts.
Fact 1 – Unnecessary lawsuits cause a serious rise in healthcare. Stupid legal actions should be eliminated in all cases and types of lawsuits. Lawyers, often referred to as ambulance chasers should have their licenses revoked.
Fact 2 – Only U.S. Citizens should be allowed to bring any civil action.
Fact 3 – Doctors are equally to blame. I know you're thinking WTF is this guy saying? When you are young your interaction with doctors for the most part is limited. However, as you start getting older this interaction becomes more frequent and regular. There is nothing worse than going to some damn doctor who constantly wants to send you for all kinds of test, and to other doctors. This is unnecessary healthcare and a cost burden. I frankly just tell my doctor you went to medical school and got a license now use it.
Fact 4 – If you have ever been hospitalized, which I have on several occasions, you get a rude awakening. First if I am at the ER all I want to see is an ER doctor, and I want him/her to contact my personal primary care physician (who knows me best). I don't want a bunch of idiot doctors on the hospital payroll coming into my room asking all kinds of questions. This is a gimmick by the hospital to increase your cost. So be advised hospitals are a big cost factor for unnecessary healthcare.
Fact 5 – Arrogant doctors who don't listen to their patients. These idiots who are bent on their way and not listening to you are a large contributing factor to rising healthcare and why lawyers have grounds for lawsuits. These doctors are everywhere. I suggest finding one who tailors their need to you.
Fact 6 – Lack of communication and poor record keeping by the medical profession. If you are seeing more than one doctor, insist that they communicate with one another. The biggest problem is that one doctor may prescribe a medication while another gives you something different for another ailment. ALL medications have side effects, so limit what you take. But what's worse is many prescriptions wont or do not interact with other forms of medication. This can cause real problems even death! Make sure your primary care physician has a complete copy of all your medical records including a copy of your Living Will if you have one.
Finally, I strongly suggest you keep a copy of all your medical history.

Your comments, as always, are welcomed and appreciated.

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