Sep 26, 2009

One Reason Restaurants Fail:

My wife and I were visiting some friends on the east side of town on Thursday, one of them is ill, so we just stopped by for a quick visit.
Instead of driving all the way back to our part of town, it was 5:00pm, to get dinner, we decided to stop at a local Mexican restaurant, they had a big banner outside that said lunch $4.99. Now I realize it's dinner time and restaurants charge more for dinner than lunch, although I don't understand why they do this Monday through Thursday.
We figured it would be about $2.00 more for the same dish. Wrong, it was twice the cost. There was no one in the restaurant eating, the only people there were the workers.
So we left and went to Denny's just down the street.
Now common sense would tell these people to either 1) Feed us at the lunch price and get some business, or 2) Have realistic dinner prices that coincide with a lunch price especially since you got a huge banner across the entire store front. Charging twice as much for dinner as lunch just pisses me off, and it's bad business. They will fail and probably never know why. The man could not understand why we left.
By the way, Denny's was cheaper than the Mexican restaurant lunch price. It's Mexican Food, it's plentiful here n Arizona, and it costs next to nothing to make, I know we make it at home.
P.S. - We are both retired and on a fixed income so money is important, not tight, but cautious spending is still a must!

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