Sep 12, 2009

Using Corporate Chains versus Using a Local Company:

Home Team Pest Control.....
I was for years a user of Home Pest Control, owned by Centex Home Builders, for my insect control treatments.
They have gone through many changes over the years.
They charge $99.00 but only service you once every 3-months. They claim to be a full service company, but on more than one occasion, I have found this to be false.
For example they do not treat for snails.
They don't treat insects that infect trees.
So after a recent confrontation with these idiots, I fired there useless butts when they refused to treat two of my trees that where infected with an insect problem. I spoke to the office manager and he gave me the most lame set of excuses imaginable.
So in my frustration, after paying these assholes $99.00 I went to Home Depot; bought an all purpose but spray that attaches to your garden hose, along with googles, filter mask, and gloves. This cost me $45.00.
I then sprayed everything myself. It's been two weeks and I don't have one damn insect or bug.
I also proceeded to call several local insect control companies who informed me that they charge around $33.00 per treatment. Some spray monthly, some only when you call, none have a contract requirement for service. If you notice the price - $33.00 per month or treatment, while Centex Home Team is $99.00 per treatment but once every 3-moths – does that spell rip off to you?
When I complained to Home Team that their guy didn't spray or treat what I needed all I got was a bunch of lame excuses. I informed them that there are dozens of people out there just waiting to replace their sorry asses and provide me a service. There response was get one of them, so I am and I did.
The proof in this story is that national companies exist for profit not for service. When you can use a local company for your needs, especially anything in the service business.

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Dr. Dave said...

I'm thinking of doing it myself as well. We pay Arrow $80 a month, and another $200 a year for them to hold a termite letter.

I might just do away with the regular quarterly service, since we don't have them spray inside anyway, and what they do spray outside is supposed to be natural (since my kids are more ADHD than I am).

So...if I can spend $33, or even $40...every quarter to do it myself, I'd be cutting my costs at least in half.

And since the new American way is frugality, I'm thinking this is one of many excellent ways to cut costs.

monica bird said...

Why not do it yourself, especially when we now have access to the same chemicals the pest control guys are using. When you can spend $40.00 and easily treat your house for almost 2 years...I say that is cutting cost.

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